Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome to Kickstarter Watch!

It's our mission here at Kickstarter Watch to keep a close eye on the Kickstarter website as new projects come online, and bring to your attention those that we think are the coolest of the cool. We'll also periodically put up posts about completed, successful projects that we found interesting, and analyze the results.

We are interested in the full spectrum of Kickstarter projects, whatever category they may fall into, from technology to film to art.

We are not affiliated in anyway with We are just enthused about this phenomenal breakthrough that has enabled innovation in a truly unprecedented way, and want to share that enthusiasm with you. We hope that you will visit us on a regular basis, or even sign-up as a follower via your favorite means, such as email notifications or Facebook. 

Who knows, you might even find one here that you'll want to back. 

We also invite our readers to share their own Kickstarter experiences, whether as project creators or backers.

(Note that in order to eliminate spam and to maintain a high standard of discussion here for the enjoyment of our visitors, we will be moderating all comments.) 

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We moderate all comments in order to eliminate spam and to maintain a culture of intelligent commentary for the enjoyment of our readers. Thank you.